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Royal Rolling Chairs

Common sense would indicate that a good place to initiate the discussion of money matters would be from the bottom (since we don’t really know the top) – say from the minimum wage. It’s equally easy to think that minimum

Please Pay up in US Dollar Bills

As I promised, the next series of blogs will dwell on money matters. I had hardly lined up the subject matter when this particular news flared up in the media: Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders on Tuesday sued the New

About Flash Boys Part 2

Here is the rest of the story on Flash Boys by Michael Lewis Flash Boys then is about another set of Wall Street guys who want to correct this malady of the rigged US stock market. They vow to correct the

About Flash Boys Part 1

Today we will focus on this book Flash Boys by Michael Lewis Hey, have you heard about or read this book? It doesn’t matter. While I have not read it, I have read many of the stories and blogs around

UAE – Governing to Eradicate Poverty

My older daughter and her husband just returned from a two weeks’ vacation in Dubai. Although they were there last year for the same reason, this time it was different. It was not just about the beauty and excellence that

Heritage Matters and Social Responsibility

There are many things in the life of Vladimir Alvino Guerrero a former professional baseball player, which matter. The first is about major league baseball (MLB). The March 31st 2014 series of news favored the one day contract he signed

Kwasi Enin Son of Ghanaian Immigrants Accepted by all 8 Ivy League Schools

The current buzz in college news is about this 17-year-old, Kwasi Enin who received acceptance letters from all the eight Ivy League schools in the US.  Enin, the son of Immigrants from Ghana, is a first generation American who lives