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West Africa under the Siege of Severe Ebola Virus Disease

The Ebola Virus disease presents the most severe outbreak in recorded history and is an ongoing epidemic throughout Guinea in West Africa. It is spreading to other parts of West Africa, particularly in Sierra Leone. It is the most severe

“I’m Coming Home” Part 2

With LeBron James returning to Cleveland comes a shift in the balance of power. The equations we conjured in our heads before the King’s announcement have shifted, been re-construed or changed. So, Poverty Nodes will continue to follow LeBron James

“I’m Coming Home” Part 1

The title for this piece is “I’m Coming Home.” These are LeBron James’ own words. This is the first in our Series on LeBron James. There is no forgetting them because LeBron James is back! Years from now, people will be

Hidden Cash Desperately Needed in Africa and Asia 2

This is an update in case you did not see the first posting. Have you heard that the Hidden Cash treasure hunt that hit London the weekend of 6/23/14? Londoners got their hands on one of the 20 envelopes containing