Key Features – Patient Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™[2]

The second part of the Discussion on the Patient Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™ will address the key features as presented by Zobreus. Briefly again, “The POEM Record is an automated app that retrieves and processes your medical records from anywhere onto your mobile device!”

Key Features of POEM: (These are provided as bullets for easy reading. Please register at the link provided below to support the current Kickstarter campaign for (POEM) Record™)

  • Automatedretrieval and processing of your medical records from anywhere
  • Controlyour full medical record securely from your device
  • The same technology used by your doctors
  • Engageas much or as little as you choose with your full medical record
  • Confirmdiagnoses, read doctor notes, compare treatment options, manage your medications, track your lab results, correct errors, and more all right on your device
  • Gorgeous, easy-to-use interface
  • Managethe records and care of your loved ones with Care Circles™
  • Interactin real-time with doctors right from within your POEM Record™
  • More efficient workflowand specific tools for healthcare providers
  • Openplatform for 3rd-party mobile health technologies
  • Socializeby joining patient and medical interest group communities
  • Exclusivefor Kickstarter: supporters will never pay a dime more than their pledge here for the services ordered. (save hundreds!)*

*App is always free and can be used indefinitely, locally as your personal health record without any additional services from Zobreus.

Currently at $29,880 and with 130 backers, the Kickstarter campaign for POEM Record™ has 11 and half more days to go. Please pledge your support. You can pledge as low as one dollar and can mobilize Your Healthcare with the POEM Record™ by Zobreus Medical Corporation by pledging here

Thank you.

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