POEM Kickstarter Campaign is a Huge Success

Congratulations to Zobreus Corporation!  Zobreus is the parent company for POEM Records™. The POEM Kickstarter campaign discussed previously was successfully completed exactly one month ago on April 14th, 2015.  It is noteworthy that the campaign completed within the 30 day window, and they achieved successes by exceeding both the targeted amount of $50,000 and the volume or contributors that exceeded 200. For the results please click here.

The 217 backers who pledged and committed $50,634 are instrumental in bringing this project to life. It is now your turn to watch out for when the project goes live. It all starts with an automated process of retrieving and processing your own medical records and porting them into the poem records. Your role is simply to commit a couple of minutes by simply downloading and registering the App on your mobile devise and granting Zobreus permission to retrieve the records on your behalf. They will retrieve the records for you and will use their pipeline architecture and unique machine learning algorithms to build your full electronic medical record (EMR). This is all free to you, the patient!!!

Briefly again, POEM is a way to electronically deliver patient care, using EMR – where both the patient and the clinician are involved. A typical patient’s records are spread out among different providers and systems, instead of being in a single place. Because these records are spread out in time and space, they are not EMRs – since they neither talk to the doctors nor other clinicians. Because POEM is a tool to process all the patient’s records into a single central application, it is the first and only real EMR built for you and on a mobile device. (Current tools include out-dated web portals, or snapshots or medical information rather than medical records, while others require the patient to manually retrieve and enter their personal health record). Additionally, POEM saves both you and the clinician precious time necessary to gather all your medical records.

With POEM, you, the patient, can now keep track of all your medications/allergies, lab results and much more. You can even create “Care Circles” for you and your family. So, POEM also does what no other so called EMR does – it places you, the patient in the driver’s seat!

So, POEM is a technology that democratizes clinical practice because it provides access to patient and the timeless utility of patient data for the clinicians. These invariably lead to protocols that ensure effective patient care. Finally, engaged and informed consumers (patients) lead to reduced error, better care at reduced cost as well as a population that lives healthier lives!!!

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2 Responses to POEM Kickstarter Campaign is a Huge Success

  1. Amaris Ifedi says:

    This is a great initiative!

    • adaeze12014 says:

      Hi Amaris,
      Sorry, I missed this. Thanks for your comment. I saw your message because I came back to post another stride by Zobreus Medical Corporation today. I hope you’ll continue to follow. Best and Thanks again.

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