We Are Live

The POEM Record™ Is Live

The POEM Record™ Is Live

The app for the POEM (Patient Oriented Electronic Medical) Record™ is now available on the iPad. So, you can download the app from the Apple store (on your iPad). The POEM Record™ as you may recall empowers the patient, because it allows you as a patient to manage and control all your healthcare data. This is provided as a composite that is structured as a full featured mobile electronic medical record (EMR).  The information in the EMR is easily accessible to you (the patient) and your doctor as needed, thus enriching the didactic encounter between you and your doctor. Think about this for a moment, you have access and can manage your own healthcare data, regardless of how rich or how poor you are!

A few days ago, Zobreus Medical Corporation posted this message:

We Are Live

Thanks to the many of you who helped us with the beta test! We wanted to update you all and let you know that as of this morning, v1.0 of our iPad app is live in the App Store! Click here

We’ll be updating you all soon with rewards updates too.  Thanks for the continued support!

— Zobreus”

To access the link that provides a narrative of their current status please click here

Again, note these words from them

“We’ll be updating you all soon with rewards updates too.  Thanks for the continued support!”

I have already downloaded the app to my iPhone. I hope you have done or are doing the same. Regardless of your economic status, you will be able to control and manage your own healthcare information! Talk of a level playing field! It is the dawn of a new era! Let us therefore, seize this opportunity and be part of this revolution that empowers us as patients!

Thank You

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