Deshaun Watson: Offensive MVP 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship

We begin the year (2017) with a salute to Deshaun Watson, the number 4, Clemson Tigers quarter back in the 2016 College football season.  Watson was born on September 14, 1995 in Gainesville GA. Watson at just 21 years of age, was awarded the Offensive MVP in the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship! His team, Clemson, defeated Alabama 35-31, and gave Clemson its first title since the 1981 season! Apart from being an instant classic, Watson and Clemson pulled off several unbelievable feats in that College Football Playoff Championship game, including his dramatic touchdown pass in the closing seconds of the title game!


Prior to that, in the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday, December 31, Clemson stunned The Ohio State University Buckeyes with a 31 – 0 win! This has not happened to the Buckeyes in recent history, and the image of that game at University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona, where the game was played, continues to haunt the Ohio State Buckeyes and their fans. It is worth noting that this game in which Clemson Shut out the Ohio State Buckeyes was played on December 31st, 2016, the New Year’s Eve!


In a College Football era dominated by the Alabama Crimson Tide football program (with Nick Saben as head coach) and the Ohio State Buckeyes football program (with Urban Meyer as the head coach), Clemson’s victory proved that with the right coach, Dabo Swinney (William Christopher) as head coach, and a special and talented quarter back, Watson, a “middle of the college football’s pack” could become a champion.  It also changes something fundamental, for both Nick Saben and Urban Meyer, “defense doesn’t win championships anymore.” A great defense, needs an equally great and potent offense, as Cam Newton and Auburn affirmed in 2010.


Despite these and his numerous awards, the first story Watson tells as he leaned on the lectern at First Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina, is how his golden ticket was rescued from the bottom of a basket of Halloween candy. There, he eagerly shared his biography with a packed house of dignitaries and Clemson fans. At the age of 9, he was living in government-run apartments, Gainesville, Georgia with his mother, Deann, and three siblings. From there had been shuttled off to a church function for underprivileged kids to a location about 10 miles from home. While Watson was just there for the candy, the complex wasn’t a place for trick-or-treating, and the church offered an alternative.


His mother Deann carefully sifted through the treats, and found a pamphlet from Habitat for Humanity, the charitable organization devoted to providing affordable houses to those in need. It promised a new life if she made a commitment to work for it. This couldn’t be worse than living in a government housing, she thought, and opted for it. This option later provided them with a new top of the hill house that has a wide front yard and that is in a well-appointed suburban neighborhood. This was in great contrast to his old neighborhood, where he played pickup football games with gang members and drug dealers!


Now, he also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and is gradually improving his skills as a pitchman for them. Essentially, Watson talks about hope! Hope, because, that’s what he found in his new home!

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