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The app for the POEM (Patient Oriented Electronic Medical) Record™ is now available on the iPad. So, you can download the app from the Apple store (on your iPad). The POEM Record™ as you may recall empowers the patient, because

POEM Kickstarter Campaign is a Huge Success

Congratulations to Zobreus Corporation!  Zobreus is the parent company for POEM Records™. The POEM Kickstarter campaign discussed previously was successfully completed exactly one month ago on April 14th, 2015.  It is noteworthy that the campaign completed within the 30 day

Key Features – Patient Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™[2]

The second part of the Discussion on the Patient Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Record™ will address the key features as presented by Zobreus. Briefly again, “The POEM Record is an automated app that retrieves and processes your medical records from anywhere onto

Patient Oriented Electronic Medical (POEM) Records™ [1]

Dear Blog readers, I am back! First I apologize for the long absence. As you will see, I have been involved with consultations on something that is revolutionizing health care! For the first time, a team within a start-up company,

The Troubling VHA Scandal of 2014

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is embattled and is in a desperate need of reform. On July 31st, 2014, the bipartisan compromise bill to reform the scandal-plagued Veterans Affairs (VA) Department cleared the Senate after clearing the House earlier. It

Mother’s Day Notables 2: Tears of Sorrow

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there! I repeat this first paragraph for the part 2 of today’s blogs. Regardless of which mother you celebrate today, Poverty Nodes recognizes two types of mothers on this May 11th, 2014

One Child Soldier Too Many

My heart pounds and my fingers tremble as I now write this piece about the child soldier. I do not know if this is because I have four grown children, whom as children, I could not imagine as child soldier

Other Collateral Damages of War

Some great minds maintain that “War is always a betrayal!” Besides the dominant and politicized ethics of “kill or be killed,” the act of killing usually results in gruesome ways that end up in colossal collateral damages. Collateral damage can

Why Veteran Poverty in the US?

  Who would believe that after fighting in popular and not so popular wars, that a US veteran would return home impoverished? Indeed, conventional wisdom, wants us to  believe that people join the military service, not necessarily because they want